October 30, 2024

Brooke Miles

President, Delaware ShoutOut

For the last 10 years, the longest bio I’ve ever had to supply was just shy of 300 words, so it was tough for me to stretch this to 500 words without adding fluff! The best I could do is 350 words. If you still need me to add more, I’ll try to figure something out.

Most business owners and marketers struggle to create a LinkedIn presence they can be proud of. They may have lots of connections but don’t know how to engage with them. Or they need help building their network. They’re often unsure what to post, and they have nagging doubts about the impact of their LinkedIn profile.

They know LinkedIn can work. They just want to know how.

That’s why Brooke Miles founded Delaware ShoutOut, a LinkedIn strategy and training firm. Brooke believes that every entrepreneur deserves a LinkedIn presence to attract their ideal clients—and a strategic plan that’s easy to run and gets results!

Brooke has worked one-on-one with hundreds of business owners and marketers to help them achieve huge gains in connections, followers, engagement, and traffic to their websites. Her consultation work is 100% customized for each client’s industry, target audience, and goals.

Brooke was born and raised in Philadelphia and graduated as Student Marshal (Valedictorian) of the College of Liberal Arts at Penn State University. She moved to Newark, Delaware, in 1998. She and her husband, Steven, together have six children ranging from 16 to 28 years old. With her busy schedule, she’s an enthusiastic advocate of time-management principles—which can be used for efficient LinkedIn management and beyond.

Brooke’s career has focused on professional writing, business development, and marketing, including social media marketing and specifically LinkedIn. She is also a highly sought-out public speaker. She is a TEDx speaker and has won multiple awards from Toastmasters International.

Her company is a two-time winner of the Delaware Small Business Chamber’s Voters’ Choice Best Marketing Award and two-time winner of the Voters’ Choice Best Woman-Owned Business Award. In addition, Brooke is a three-time Ambassador of the Year with the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce. She was also a top-three finalist for the Social Media Professional of the Year Award by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

In addition, Brooke is becoming increasingly known for her highly informative and sometimes funny videos on her YouTube channel (Delaware ShoutOut), which gives entrepreneurs practical advice on how to outshine their competitors on LinkedIn.